Is meditating over-hyped?

…The simple answer to this is, no.

Meditation is an extremely refreshing and peaceful practice which would benefit you if you began to include this in your daily life. Believe me, I never used to believe this was worth my time and, to be honest, viewed it as ‘mumbo jumbo’. However, I decided to really give it a go after having a random burst of energy one night. I started doing this for 5 minutes every night and I’m slowly building this up.

The benefits of taking this time to zone out and focus on your breathing as well as positive thoughts will begin to show in only a few days.

Below are a few known facts regarding meditation:

1. Meditation allows you to get into a mindful state and mindfulness helps you to focus on your present life. This can enhance your concentration skills to use in other aspects of your daily life.

2. Your self-esteem and self-awareness will become stronger as you practice meditation. Meditating allows you to relax and be at one with yourself - allowing you to reflect on your own great attributes.

3. Stressed out a lot? Meditating can reduce this greatly! While in a mindfulness state, our cortisol levels drop which in return make us more relaxed. Cortisol is the evil stress hormone.

4. Meditation is effective in treating anxiety and depression. Mindful meditation helps you focus on the present and reduce anxious thoughts which often lead to depression. Getting into a good meditation routine will help to combat anxiety.

The bottom line is, meditating can benefit you in so many ways and if you’ve never tried it, I suggest you do! Be patient with yourself and take time to see what works for you.

Wishing you love,

HerWellness x

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