Home is where the mindset is.

If living during a pandemic has taught me anything - it’s that your home has a large impact on your outlook towards life. A messy room is a lot of the time not a sign of pure laziness, but, can indicate feelings of depression, anxiety and all round sluggishness. Therefore, an unorganised living space could represent our negative inner emotions.


Let me tell you that just a few, small and simple changes could completely transform your living environment and help you to feel more like yourself.

  • First of all, an extremely simple and obvious tip would be - MAKE YOUR BED every morning!

While most people will do this anyways, being locked up in the house most of the time may have caused a lot of people (including myself) to develop bad habits.

The simple task of making your bed will make even the most cluttered rooms look 80% better. This will also take you at most, 2 minutes, and, give you a strange sense of peace of mind. Trust me when I say that you will thank yourself after getting home from a long days work. It really is the little things.

  • Secondly, candles are ESSENTIAL

I know many of you girls will love a candle for decoration purposes, however, they do wonders for your mind and body. The aromas that are released from candles are not just pleasant but have many health benefits. Candles can have a big effect on our physiological state - including our mood, work capacity, stress levels and overall mental health.

To stay on the safe side - I recommend paraffin-free candles.

A brand which I love and produce the best quality candles are NEOM candles. These are just the best.

There is hardly a more satisfying feeling than lighting a nice candle in a tidy living space.

I’ve attached the link to NEOM candles below.. you can thank me later.

Wishing you love,

HerWellness x

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