A Few Winter Staples.

For all of the girls into fashion, I thought I would pick out a few of my favourite winter accessories and put them all in a post.

It is so important to stay warm in cosy during the harsh winter, however, it is equally as important to feel good doing so.

Our self confidence is reliant on how comfortable we feel with our own appearance. A big aspect of this is the clothes we wear.

Identifying your own personal style and wearing the clothes that YOU love wearing is key to improving self-confidence.

While these pieces of clothing may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I thought I would show them to you anyway as they are great winter accessories and don’t break the bank!

I’m all about the cool sunglasses right now. The look of a big cosy winter jacket paired with a chic scarf and pair of shades is probably one of my favourite winter looks.

These Zara shades are so effortlessly cool and give me such supermodel vibes. They’re also on sale so its a WIN/WIN!

I love the funky retro look of these Next sunglasses that would pair perfectly with an oversized biker jacket and black boots.

Zara’s sister company Bershka are also serving the cool shades with these throwback matrix-style shades. Super chic.

It also needs to be noted that you mustn’t forget about your ears during the winter months. I know you’ll have felt that horrible feeling of walking around in ice cold winds and your ears literally feel like they could fall off. Best to avoid that.

This snazzy little bucket hat from Zara is wintery and would pair well with just about any winter coat.

Who doesn’t love a beanie? Unless you’re a part of the unfortunate crowd who’s hair sits so flat under the beanie that they as well be wearing a plastic bag on their head. Like myself. I’ve noted this cute Levi’s beanie anyway.

This fluffy bear style hat is too cute and would go with just about any outfit as it is black.

I’ll stop there. I hope this has gave you some very winter wear Inspo.

Wishing you love,

HerWellness x

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