A few books that changed my perspective.

I know you’ve been told your whole life that reading is a great way to stimulate your brain and make you smarter.

I agree, BUT, it’s important to note that it’s also ridiculously relaxing.

Whether you’re into long crime novels or short story books - it doesn’t matter because taking a short amount of time out of your day to sit with a good book is WORTH IT..

I, myself, have taken an interest in a few motivational, stimulating and female-written books over the past year. These books have helped me to understand myself a little more and most importantly - have helped me to realise that all of us share a lot of the same issues.

A book I am going to recommend is The Insecure Girl’s Handbook by Olivia Purvis.

This book is a guide on how to navigate a few of the issues and dilemmas us women face every day. It also shows you that you are not alone. I absolutely loved reading this book and felt stronger and more secure in myself after finishing it.

A second book I’m going to recommend is Awesome Quotes for Strong Women by Helen Exley.

This isn’t really a novel which is ideal for some quick and light reading in the morning, while eating your lunch or at night right before you drift off.

It is a pocket-size book filled with inspiring and female-empowering quotes which will help you to conquer the day. I received this book as a gift from a friend of mine and loved how thoughtful the gesture was. Girls helping to empower other girls is a magical thing! And this book certainly helps to do that.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Wishing you love,

HerWellness x

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